Car foil sparkling transparent self-adhesive 1 Roll = 0,5m x 2m


self adhesive film with Glitter look Colour: transparent – size: 0,5m x 2m – UV and weather resistant – does not harm your paint – residue-free removal possible – extreme styles without new paint job

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CAR WRAP – VINYL WRAP   Car wrapping is becoming increasingly popular across the globe with a variety of styles. It is now seen in both consumer and commercial use; its use differ from an inexpensive way to change the colourof your vehicle, paint protection against stones chips, advertisement and many other purpose. Certain people prefer to wrap part of the vehicle only such as mirror, hood, bonnet, bumpers…etc. Although, we recommend for the work to be done by a professional, car wrapping can be done by the consumer (DIY). If you are new, we advise that you start with small areas of the car such as mirror, bonnet…etc.  Physical date:   Material: PVC vinyl, stretchable with heat   Chanel: Air release channels/air bubble free   Flexibility: easily conforms to curved surfaces   Colour: various   Application/use: Cars, mobile phones, tablets, computers Features:   Flexible and can easily be applied on most car body panel including gadget and furniture   Can be applied on both interior and exterior part of the car   Bubble meaning that the vinyl has air channels allowing easy removal of air bubble during application   Removable glue, no damage to the paint work.   Easily cleansed with water "water repellent" Function:   A cheap way to change the colourof your car   Protects your car from stone chips, scratching as well as giving your vehicle a brand with new look   temperatureresistant
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