Droplink Set Skoda Octavia 1Z


– coupling rod – Best quality – mostly with authorization – thread M10

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FK coupling rods are the perfect accessory for our coilovers. We provide the coupling rods in various sizes and designs. Most of the connecting rods are used universally. We also offer special coupling rods for BMW, Mercedes or Volvo. Our connecting rods to the highest standards and they get accustomed. The Coilovers in combination with the appropriate accessories gives the chassis a tighter performance that the conventional sports suspension is far superior. Nevertheless, the damping of the springs provides a sufficient driving comfort. For sports-minded drivers are our landing gear and accessories such as the sway bar is a must. The suspensions and accessories will be co-ordinated and have always excelled in service. The assembly of the coupling bars is because of good workmanship and the precise fit and uncomplicated in a short time. They will thus have a long fun at our suspension components. We offer a wide range of suspension parts in our program. They improve the driving performance, handling and design of the vehicle to a great extent.
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