Electric garage door m. guide rail


– Electric garage door m. Guide rail – Garage door height max. 254cm / 332cm Track length – 8-15m2 garage area, engine: 700Nm, shipping! – Useful and practical – Best Quality

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Mains voltage 220V voltage range 180-240 V max. Tightening force 700 Nm 100 W drive power train speed 110 mm / S Energy consumption (Stabdbuy) 6 W Operating temperaturee range -20 – +40 ° C. Whether your garage big, little, heavy, light, new or somewhat older. The Aniba electric garage door makes opening your garage a piece of cake! Like one calls a garage door with an electric motor driven device to open garage doors. A garage door that opens machineically, can be very useful and practical. For example, if you have your hands full, if you want out of the garage into the open. Or if you want to carry things out of the car. A short signal to the sensor, and even swinging on the gate machineically, without time and energy consuming. Even with the incomes in the garage there is such a thing. Normally you would have to leave the car off, open the door manually, ducksr again … especially in winter when freezing temperaturees can be very annoying. Make your life easier and indulge yourself a little luxury with the garage door from aniba. A guide rail is also included. The assembly is very simple. The motor for raising or lowering your garage door has the power of 700Nm. In aniba online shop for lifestyle and modern design you will find other variations on electric garage door openers. They vary in length and rail max. garage door height and area. To help you find your individual right garage door opener, please refer to the relevant technical details in the description. Other useful items for your home that will make life easier or to embellish such as tool boxes, picture frames, or one angle polisher can also be found in aniba Online Store.
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