Front bumper fit for BMW 3 Touring (E90 Type)


– Front bumper – Best quality – Highlight on the outside of the car – Super look

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They beautify the back view of its BMW 3-er with the front bumper from FK Automotive FK Automotive Shop online for modern sporty car tuning and accessories! They provide for improved aerodynamics of their cars and treat them thus more fun to drive! front panels are rigid components are mounted on the standard body. The front fascia is the part of a vehicle, which is at the front, which is located directly beneath the hood and headlights. She is so big and robust that they function with the peak absorption takes over. Therefore, it is also important that it is made of high quality, shatterproof material. More about this later. The front bumper is affects the airflow under the car much, so the skirt of one of the most important parts for the aerodynamic design showing through. Shaped front apron can efficiently reduce the buoyancy of a body by the air flowing around it. The reduction of the buoyancy force enhances the transmission of forces on the ground and thus the handling characteristics, especially the lateral acceleration and cornering speed so that the braking distance and driving stability at high speeds. Sporty and dynamic front apron with driving from FK Automotive. But not only functional convinced this front apron across the board, and visually it makes what her neat. Their front man will be impressed by the elegance of optical power while the front of your vehicle. The front apron of FK Automotive is made from high quality fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). This material stands out for its flexibility and resistance to fracture, which can be especially beneficial in collisions. For his excellent finishes suitable surface structure allows an easy finish this body part in your desired color. Individual tuning to your liking! assembly is facilitated by the controlled quality and fit this spoiler from FK Automotive. Additional accessories for tuning and aerodynamics to beautify the exterior of your car, such as spoilers, rear spoilers or wings, they are also in FK Automotive Online Store. you have any questions regarding this product? Our experts will help you. Simply fill out the contact form on our website.
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