Fuel Cap – Alu-Look M1 103/M2 Ø163 – fit for Fiat Bravo /Brava


– Fuel Caps – super design – Color: silver – registration free

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FK Automotive Fuel Caps give your car a super racing character as many race cars. The gas cap stickers are a great alternative to most expensive Tandeckeln. The Fuel Caps can be easily attached to the cap. With the fuel cap, you get in a short time and with little effort a major facelift effect on your vehicle. We provide the glue for the cap in different shapes, colors and designs. It Fuel Caps are for specific types such as the BMW 3 Series, Citroen Saxo, Alfa Romeo GTV, Fiat Brava cap and glue that fit several types. There are round and square cap glue. The Fuel Caps usually wear in the middle of the FK logo and are surrounded by a helical appearance. Look for the dimensions we may also have suitable Fuel Caps for your vehicle in the range. The gas cap is glue it in elegant aluminum-look and a sporty Carbon look. The Fuel Caps are of course free admission. The gas cap adhesives are preferred because of assembly, especially for entry-tuning. Fuel Caps fall because of their beautiful appearance and great colors all at once and let each tuner heart beat faster. We offer one of the largest programs in the tuning and car accessories in Europe. Especially in the exterior division, we offer a huge range of tuning parts that you can beautify your vehicle. In combination with the Fuel Caps we offer. By FK Automotive accessories but you out from the crowd and transform your vehicle into a dream car.
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