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– high-quality stainless steel heat plate – spare your bumper in front of the radiating heat of your exhaust – Stainless steel

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Heat sheets are there to the heat – you keep the exhaust emitted from your bumper to you thus be protected from deformation and discoloration – or rather heat. The heat sinks have – like many other products in our range – its origin in racing. For this reason, you take heat sinks not only to the bumper from the heat of the exhaust to protect, but for aesthetic reasons, since the appearance of hot plates is as sporty and fast. Thus, as heat sinks not only a functional and practical appreciation, but also a visual enhancement for which it is worth our category exhaust tuning in FK Automotive shop for tuning and sporty car accessories are visiting. The available in our heat sheets have a high quality, and are made ??from high quality stainless steel. Another advantage of the choice of materials is that steel does not rust. Thus, a heat plate with a unique and relatively cheap investment that meets a very long time both visually and practically, your purpose. The heat sheets from our company are supplied with 8 rivets that you can rivet right after your purchase from us, risen the heat plate on your vehicle. Of course you can also select a different mounting option. Should you be interested in the enhancements and performance tuning of the external appearance have your vehicle, and look more like a practical accessory, we can only know about our FK Automotive shop for tuning and sporty car accessories browse to where you heat sheets next to our similar to many other practical items received.
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