Sport Front Bumper 3x Front bumper Single Frame ABS VW Polo 6N Yr. 94-99


for Yr: 1994-1999- for vehicle Type: Typ 6N- with approval

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If you give your car a more dynamic and sporty look? A new bumper could then be just the thing for you. You can purchase from our online shop two ways bumpers. First, we offer we made ??ABS bumpers, which are produced by injection molding, and on the other hand we offer you home-made from fiberglass bumpers. Both variants are naturally high in normal quality, best workmanship and great design available. Give your vehicle an individual touch, through the racing look, it gets from the bumper. As the injection molding process for the most part done by machine, we can offer you the ABS bumpers. Or choose a fiberglass bumper. The advantage of fiberglass bumpers is that they can revise better may be easier to repair or after a loss. The are two different types of bumpers are available in three different styles, the race look, the RSA look and the single-frame grill look. The high accuracy of fit of our bumpers no sanding, gluing, or other action is necessary to mount the bumper. This allows you to convert your car in no time. We offer two types of bumpers for a variety of vehicle makes and models. A large part of the bumpers for VW vehicles are even supplied with single-frame grill.
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