Sport shock absorbers VW Polo Typ 9N (Front Axle)


– fit for VW Polo Typ 9N 3-/5-türig- mit großen Lufteinlässen- inkl. Racegitter- Farbe schwarz

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If you are looking for one or more new shock absorbers and sports shock absorbers are, you are probably already met several times in different versions in our sport shocks FK shop for tuning and sports car accessories. In addition to the High Tec shock there is also the Power High Tec shock of FK. Unlike the High Tec shock absorber, the Power High Tec shock a setting on the shock hardening. The setting is a Verstellknauf, from the outside – without having to remove the shock before – placed on the upper end of the shock is. By turning the patch Verstellknaufes we now simply choose between the 6 degrees of hardness of our Power High Tec shock. So you can always adjust as necessary the hardness of the landing gear, which can be very convenient and comfortable especially for long distance trips. Please note that the Power High Tec shock absorbers in general – with rare exceptions – no Verstellknauf is attached. If you choose the same for an entire Power High Tec chassis made by FK Automotive, where the Verstellknauf is already settled. Otherwise, the Power High Tec shock absorbers have the same characteristics as other sports shock absorbers too. They provide a harder, sportier and lower position on the road, thus offering more driving fun and a clear and noticeable changes, sporting cornering at high quality. The Power High Tec shock may like the High Tec shock absorbers also be combined with different springs, most of the original springs, but also springs from other manufacturers. For the best combination and vote, we recommend course the High Tec springs from our company.
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