Vacuum gauge Serie 1 Universal, black/white


– Top Quality – Easy to read – Color: black/white – approval free – Vacuum – Vacuum-Instrument – glass black tinted power white Diameter: 52mm

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FK Automotive offers a wide range of additional instruments in many styles, different colors and with various functions. The additional instruments are universal and fit many car models. With FK additional instruments they get the ultimate racing design for its interior. The displays of the additional instruments are easy to read, illuminated and show them the engine data at a glance. Through better control of the motor data, the service life of engines to be increased significantly. If your vehicle is delivered as standard without a rev counter that they can upgrade inexpensively. With the help of the rev counter, they have the opportunity to drive fuel-efficient which in turn protects your wallet and the environment. For the assembly and the right connection of the additional tools they need so-called donors. This will of course include an installation manual supplied with all additional instruments. FK additional instruments are also very good for racing. We provide special additional tools with adjustable shift light display that protects the engine from excessive speed, and shows them to the optimal switching time. Matching mounting frame for their car they get in our online shop. We provide different series of additional instruments on these differ in shape, face, color, lighting, etc. The big selection have to adapt the possibility of the additional instruments to your cars interior. In the series 3, it is even possible to set the background color of the display in 7 different colors. Miss With FK additional instruments to their car the finishing touch and lift it out from the crowd. Find out in our online shop, here you will find a huge selection of useful accessories for your car.
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